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Germany’s digitization elite: ten projects awarded the Digital Leader Award 2017

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Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Continental AG, Erwin Renz Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Lufthansa Innovation Hub GmbH, SPIE SAG and Vorwerk International decide the award categories for themselves / Four special awards for Molecular Health GmbH (Disruption), Fraunhofer Institute for Graphic Arts Data processing IGD (Innovation), Axel Springer SE (Early Mover), Football Club Bayern Munich e. V. (Customer Centricity)

Munich / Berlin, July 2017 – The winners of the Digital Leader Awards 2017 have been announced: a total of ten outstanding digitization projects and their project teams have been awarded in Berlin. At the festive gala, which was held under the auspices of Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, about 250 decision-makers from business, politics and society took part. The Digital Leader Award is a joint initiative of Dimension Data and IDG Business Media.

“Germany, as a resource-poor country, has no choice but to accept the challenges that digitization brings,” says Jan Willem Dees, designated CEO of Dimension Data in Germany. “The Digital Leader Award proves impressively that the digital transformation in Germany is gaining more and more momentum. Year on year, the quality and number of submitted projects has again increased. In all categories of the Digital Leader Initiative it was a head to head race in the end. It is also exciting that Germany’s digital lighthouse projects have been developed in a wide variety of industries. We are very proud to have created a platform with the Digital Leader Award, which proves impressively: Germany can digitize. “

Create Impact: Lufthansa Innovation Hub

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In the “Create Impact” category, in which the nominees submitted holistic, company-wide digitization strategies, Lufthansa Innovation Hub GmbH was able to prevail with the “Lufthansa Open API” project. With this new interface, the company provides external and internal partners with big data from the Lufthansa Group. The intelligent use of data should not only optimize existing processes, but also open up new services and distribution channels.

Invent Markets: Erwin Renz Metalware Factory

Erwin Renz Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG was able to hold its own in the category “Invent Markets”, in which digitization projects are awarded for the development of new markets and customer groups. With the “myRENZbox”, the company has established an intelligent mailbox system with which customers can easily send and receive parcels – even if they are not at home. As well as the actual system, part of the project is a suitable app and an online administration portal.

Shape Experience: Vorwerk International

In the Shape Experience category, projects were honored to enhance customer experience through digital products and services. Here, Vorwerk International took home the coveted trophy for the project “TMDE (= Thermomix Digital Ecosytem)”. With the help of a smart cookie key, the company has made its classic Thermomix internet-capable and thus fit for the Internet of Things. Customers have access to a comprehensive online recipe database, with which they can put together their personal favorites and send directly to the Thermomix.

Spark Collaboration: SPIE SAG

Projects in the “Spark Collaboration” category have revolutionized the world of work with digital tools and established a digital “working culture”. The winner of this category: SPIE SAG with the digitization project “Field Service Management”. The project has enabled the company to digitize and automate manual processes such as order entry or trip planning. In this way, the efficiency could be increased and the employees relieved, for example by an automatic route planning or a digital order documentation.

Empower People: Continental AG

In order to qualify for the Empower People category, digital technology and processes must have successfully advanced human resource development and transformed the fields of recruitment, retention, internal knowledge management and employee development. The jury favorite and winner in this category is Continental AG, which has launched a company-wide initiative to drive the use of big data with the “Big Data as Self Service Analytics for Business Users” project. On the basis of the advanced analytics platform “KNIME”, non-IT professionals receive a special training that enables them to tap into the potential of big data analysis in their daily work.

Digitize Society: Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

The “Digitize Society” category focuses on companies with digitization projects in public space, in the social context, as well as in public authorities and state institutions. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) accepted the Digital Leader Award in this category. In response to the major challenges posed by a significant increase in the number of refugees entering the country, the BAMF has established a new, digital identity management system. This means that all data can be quickly digitally recorded and stored centrally at the first point of contact with the refugees.

Digital Leader Award 2017: Four special prizes awarded

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In addition to the regular competition, the jury awarded four special prizes this year. This honored projects that, because of their project structure, did not meet all the requirements of their category, but nevertheless stood out so strongly that the jury decided on a special award.

Molecular Health GmbH received the special prize “Digital Leader 2017: Disruption”. The company has designed a knowledge base to assist decision-makers in oncology and help identify cancer patients with the best chance of recovery and the least possible side effects.

The special prize “Digital Leader 2017: Innovation” was awarded to the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD. The department “Digitization of Cultural Heritage” has developed the “CultLab3D” scanning technology, the world’s first approach to 3D mass digitization. This enables the simple and cost-effective digitization of culturally and historically valuable artefacts such as statues, busts or coins.

Axel Springer SE was awarded the special prize “Digital Leader 2017: Early Mover” this year. With its startup subsidiary upday GmbH, the company took a completely new direction in the field of journalism, as digitalisation was barely mentioned. Under the motto “Technology Meets Journalism”, upday has developed a news aggregator with journalistic aspirations that is available as an app exclusively for Samsung smartphones. As a remedy against the so-called filter bubble, these users should allow access to the widest possible range of information and opinions.

The fourth special prize “Digital Leader 2017: Customer Centricity” went to the Football Club Bayern, Munich e. V., who is preparing for the digital age with his strategy “FC Bayern – Digital 4.0”. The focus is on a digital platform with which fans around the world can participate in the game and have access to individually tailored content around the club.

In total, nearly 100 digitization projects from various industries were submitted for the second edition of the Digital Leader Award. An expert jury nominated 18 companies in six categories and selected the winners at the festive gala in Berlin. The members of this year’s jury were (in alphabetical order): Anke Anderie (Dimension Data), Ines Fiedler (IT Service Center Berlin), dr. Roger Kehl (Festo AG & Co.KG), Stefanie Kemp (innogy SE), Harald Schirmer (Continental AG), Prof. Dr. med. Christian Schlereth (WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management), Heinrich Vaske (Computerwoche), Dr. med. Carlo Velten (Crisp Research).


About the Digital Leader Award

With the Digital Leader Award, Dimension Data and IDG Business Media offer a broader platform for Digital Leadership in Germany. In six categories, awards will be given to executives who will accelerate the digital transformation of their business, ensuring the competitiveness of their business in the future digital age. The decision is made by an independent jury of renowned experts from business, science and media. Patron of the Digital Leader Award 2017 is Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy.


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