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IDG’s “TechNuggets” and “Bizrupt” Lead the Technology Social Sharing Segment

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Each month, 220,000 fans and approximately 25 million Facebook impressions / monthly 450,000 shares, likes and comments / Data collection for viral content / Attractive environment for native advertising for young, technology-savvy target groups

Munich, April 5, 2016 – IDG’s social sharing platforms are steadily expanding their position in a growing market segment. Posts by “TechNuggets” and “Bizrupt” cumulatively reach around 220,000 fans per month and generate around 25 million impressions on Facebook. The posts on both platforms generate about 450,000 shares, likes and comments month after month.

Both platforms are part of the new media genre with which media companies address young target groups in order to reach them beyond traditional media offerings. While other social sharing portals mainly focus on general interest topics, “TechNuggets” and “Bizrupt” focus on specific technology interests. Both offer with their technology-affective user groups a large range potential, which are characterized by high user engagement. Both IDG platforms, which distribute their own and curated content via social media, are among the most successful offerings in data-driven content production and distribution.

As the user profiles show, the creative implementation of contributions from the fields of technology and gadgets, business and work-life significantly increases the engagement rate. Therefore, these are also the ideal environments for corresponding Native Advertising or content marketing offers. With the analysis of usage data, their real-time utilization and content tailored to the interests of the topic, high interaction rates are generated in the short term and sustainably.

“With built-in campaigns that IDG offers to fit its customers, social engagement and audience reach are the key performance criteria. Controlling the campaigns with data and experience with viral and sharing-optimized content enables such creative content production that brings great viral effects to the customer, “said York von Heimburg, CEO of IDG Communications Media AG. “Initially launched as a pilot, TechNuggets and Bizrupt have far exceeded our expectations and have established IDG in the fast-growing social sharing business. For IDG in Germany, they are an important building block in our cross-media portfolio for the target group of social natives, “added Heimburg.

“TechNuggets” was founded in October 2014 by IDG Tech Media GmbH as a social sharing platform for special net finds, so-called “nuggets”, on the topic of consumer electronics, cars and flying objects. The site serves as well as only as a link target for posts on the Facebook page. The mostly 18- to 25-year-old technology-savvy users are thus addressed on their intensively used social network. In the past six months, TechNuggets has gained about 10,000 new fans each month. Thus, the fan community of the portal today consists of more than 135,000 users.

“Bizrupt” started in March 2015 as a pilot project of IDG Business Media GmbH on topics related to business and lifestyle. The platform now has around 65,000 fans, ages 18 to 45, who are actively involved in the digital disruption of the economy. In the post-interactions “Bizrupt” has significantly expanded its leading position in the market in recent weeks. The portal recently received around 50,000 shares, likes and comments within a week.