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IT COMPUTATION STUDY OF THE COMPUTER WEEK: Wages increase by just over two percent

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Among the IT specialists without personnel responsibility, the security experts are currently the top earners / salaries in small companies have risen above average / pay gap between West and East continues to expand / Industries consumer sector, the chemical industry and medical technology pay IT consultants the most / companies slowing down in company cars / overtime compensates for time off

Munich, November 10, 2016 – Wage growth for IT professionals has dropped significantly. After the strong increase of 6.2 percent in the previous year, salaries rose this year only by 2.2 percent. This is the result of the exclusive IT compensation study 2016/2017 of the IT magazine COMPUTERWOCHE (issue 45-46 / 2016, ) and the compensation consultancy Compensation Partner from Hamburg.

Current top earners among the IT specialists without personnel responsibility are the security experts with an average of 71,100 euros (2015: 70,600). They are thus replacing the project managers, who are now earning a yearly salary of 70,300 euros after 72,440 euros in the previous year. Third place is followed by consultants with SAP know-how with 68,600 euros. At the bottom of the ranking are employees in user support (43,000 euros) and web designers (37,000 euros).

The size of the company still strongly influences the salary level. The bigger the company, the higher the remuneration. However, salaries in small firms have risen faster this year than in large firms. Regionally, the east of the republic has lost more ground. While employers in the top cities of Frankfurt am Main and Munich are still paying 20 percent more than the national average, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is at the bottom of almost 30 percent and even the high-tech region of Dresden is around 20 percent below the average. Two years ago, the eastern German regions were only ten to 20 percent below the national average.

Significant income differences exist according to the IT compensation study also between the industries. The consumer, chemical and medical industries pay the best. In these areas, IT consultants receive an average of 84,900 euros. The consultants earn the least with 61,000 euros in the call center and hotel and restaurant industries.

As the COMPUTERWOCHE IT compensation study further determined, companies are facing a cost brake on company cars this year. Only 30 percent of executives drive a company car (2015: 38.5 percent). And while the managers were still allowed to order service coaches worth an average of around € 50,500 in the previous year, the new value of the car fell to € 43,750 this year.

Overtime is part of everyday life for IT staff. However, only seven percent (previous year: eight percent) of the respondents have a monetary compensation of the overtime worked in the employment contract. Those who have such a regulation can increase their salary once again by around 4,680 euros a year. Much more common, however, is a time off.

About the IT Compensation Study 2016/2017:
The study was attended by 38 companies from the IT industry this year, which provided a total of 1,024 data sets. Another 14,555 data sets come from direct interviews with specialists and executives. In total, 15,579 data sets were included in the study. The survey took place from May to August 2016.

The IT compensation study can be ordered at the price of 599 Euro plus VAT and shipping and handling fee under the e-mail It is aimed at managing directors, HR managers and personnel managers from the IT industry as well as at personnel and management consultants.