Traditional marketing is dead, you have to think digital


By 2020, 75% of companies will use Big Data, massive data collection and analysis to better understand consumer behavior. Nearly 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. In other words, we have recently seen a digital shift that has a concrete impact on marketing practices. Therefore, can we consider doing marketing without thinking digital?

Traditional marketing is dead

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“Traditional marketing is dead, ” says Anne Launois, director of the MS Strategies Digital Marketing at Audencia Business School. The offers of products and services are multiplying with the new technologies and the uberisation of our companies. Multinationals as SMEs are surfing on the digital age and the wave promises to become a high-tech tsunami!

New professions appear and others are transformed. Thus, the marketing sector is now fond of product managers, data analysts, marketing technologists, marketing managers or even business analysts. While you are graduating or reorientation, many training courses can give you these new skills in digital marketing.

Learn about the specificities of the trainings

To find your way among the multitude of existing courses, find out exactly the specificities of each program. For example, the emlyon business school has focused on the international dimension.

In addition to classes taught in English, she offers a “learning trip”; a week in Boston to discover start-ups in digital marketing and Data Science. In addition, an entire semester takes place in Shanghai. ” This year, we have only 20 French out of 60 students. In total, nearly 21 nationalities are represented in our training, ” says Clément Levallois, researcher in digital culture and director of the MSc Marketing and Data Science at emlyon business school. A multicultural bath that will be a real plus on your resume.

Other trainings put more emphasis on computer programming and technical skills, like Audencia Business School in its MS Digital Marketing Strategies that trains marketers-coders. Finally, other programs will help you refine your managerial skills such as MS Marketing Management and Digital ESSEC Business School.

We really like atypical profiles, which are out of the ordinary

All these courses are accessible on file from a bac + 5 (or bac +4 by derogation). If good knowledge of the marketing environment is appreciated by the schools, different profiles (scientific or literary) are also admitted. ” We really like atypical profiles, which are out of the ordinary, ” says Jean-Noel Felli of ESSEC Business School.

“The creative and thinking spirit of literary people is an added value for developing subjects, ” adds Clément Levallois of the emlyon business school. These training courses, open in initial training, also welcome executives wishing to refine their skills in digital marketing or give a new color to their career.

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Stand out!

The applications for these different trainings are made online, the teaching teams take into account your academic and professional background as well as your level of English, which is essential in this sector.

Saying you’re passionate about digital is not enough

But the admission will be played more particularly at the time of the oral one where it will be necessary to stand out. “To say that you are passionate about digital is not enough ” warns Clément Levallois of the emlyon business school. “You must convince us, explain why you want to do this master”.

Schools will also value your previous professional achievements. ” We prioritize students who have carried out projects, be they school, personal or extra-curricular,” says Jean-Noel Felli, Head of MS Marketing Management and Digital of ESSEC Business School. Clearly, it is to demonstrate that you are not there by chance.

To make a difference, bet on big data

In 2018, some 50,000 gigabytes of data are produced per second. A gold mine for marketing experts who can better understand and better understand the behavior of their customers. ” You have to have an appetite for numbers and data because our students are learning to process consumer data. “Says Anne Launois.

Digital marketing is not just about advertising campaigns on social networks. ” In my opinion, digital marketing represents all the channels between the customer and the company. The marketer must know his market, “says Jean-Noël Felli from ESSEC Business School.

The goal of digital marketing training is to allow you to acquire a digital maturity. In short, no marketing without digital and no digital marketing without big data.