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Airbnb resists restrictions and inspection of short-term rentals


“This legislation would put hotels on a level playing field to compete with legal short-term rentals for New York City guests, especially as the city begins to welcome more tourists and the hospitality industry begins. to bounce back from the pandemic, “said Vijay Dandapani. , president of the New York Hotel Association.

But Airbnb and its hosts, as well as other detractors of the citythe plan of, to say that the restrictions in the bill are confusing and onerous. The restrictions will make it more difficult for people who depend on rental income to list their homes, they added.

The bill requires hosts to have their property inspected by an architect or safety engineer and notarize a certificate, which is an expensive process and does not exist for Airbnbs anywhere else on the continent, said Alexandra Dagg, regional director of company policy. .

Hosts of legal short-term apartment rentals are not subject to the same tax burdens as hotels, including hotel occupancy tax, which the company is trying to change, Dagg said.

“There are millions of dollars being left out here,” she said.

The company, which has negotiated with Kallos, has expressed concerns about the number of licenses that will be offered and who will be eligible for them.

Kallos said there would be no cap on the number of people allowed to be licensed.

“I don’t believe in market caps,” the city councilor said.

The bill would require that the host of the property be the person who resides there. If the person who lives there is not the owner of the accommodation, they must have the written consent of the owner.

Under current municipal law, an apartment or an entire house cannot be rented out to a visitor for a period of less than 30 days. If a guest is staying less than 30 days, the host must be present in the unit.

There are over 36,000 homes in New York currently listed on Airbnb. Almost half of them are in Manhattan, according to data from watchdog Inside Airbnb.

Some of them require a minimum stay of 30 nights, but others are listed as whole apartments with a minimum of four or five nights. Nearly 300 apartments in the city are available for a weekend in October, according to the company’s website.

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State law prohibits rent-controlled housing and public housing from being listed on Airbnb. Fines for non-compliance with the law range from $ 250 per day to costs of up to $ 15,000.

Airbnb plans to testify against the bill at a hearing on Monday.

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