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Autel launches the enterprise version of its EVO II drone, with up to 42 minutes of flight time

While the EVO II Enterprise looks like last year’s drone, it’s now more versatile, with its wider variety of accessories making it adaptable to just about any scenario.

In the United States, Autel sells its EVO II Enterprise drones as a pack and there are three combos to choose from: the EVO II 640T Enterprise pack, the EVO II Dual R Enterprise, and the EVO 2 II Pro Enterprise. As for the included accessories, you will get a 7.9 inch smart controller, strobe speaker, battery charging hub, charger, hard and rugged case, to name just the highlights.

The new drone has a foldable design, carbon fiber arms, it comes with larger motors and propellers than the standard EVO II, and has an upgraded eight mile (12.8 km) HD transmission, at the instead of 5.5 miles (8.8 km) with the EVO II standard. It has a slightly improved flight time of up to 42 minutes and the same top speed of 45 mph (72 km / h).

In terms of accessories, the EVO II Enterprise can be paired with a loudspeaker which improves on-site communication and a projector which diffuses powerful light at long distances, making it a great accessory for shooting. at night or for research missions. There is also a strobe for location indication and an RTK module for precise positioning data, which also reduces electromagnetic interference.

With its powerful 16x digital zoom function, the drone is able to collect high definition images from a distance. The EVO II Dual Pro Enterprise also supports 3x lossless zoom, while the EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise supports 4x lossless zoom.

The EVO II Enterprise drone can be used for everything from public safety and traffic monitoring to mapping, power inspection, firefighting, search and rescue.

In order to obtain more information on the price and available bundles of the EVO II Enterprise, you should contact Autel or the company’s authorized resellers.


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