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BtLux Exchange 2.0 upgrade officially launched by one of the world’s leading exchange systems



Posted: October 18, 2021 at 3:29 am EDT|Update: 2 hours ago

BEIJING, October 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In July 6, 2021, after working hard day and night, a team of blockchain technology and financial research experts from around the world officially launched the upgraded version of BtLux Exchange 2.0 to provide users with a better experience and help businesses get started quickly. the chain. ”The upgrade version 2.0 has been greatly enhanced and improved its brand, products and risk control, indicating that BtLux is fully armed to accommodate the establishment of the global regulatory system with a strong posture. Safety is longitude, compliance is latitude.

As one of the world’s leading exchange systems, BtLux2.0 is based on a powerful distributed architecture design and adopts high performance memory matching mode to dramatically improve performance and access stability to the system. In terms of digital asset security, wallets separate cold and hot storage, multi-layered encryption, offline cold storage, and bank guarantees for the safety of funds. At the same time, the high-level security system with intelligent face recognition technology can deeply integrate KYC, identity authentication and coin collection services to enhance security; High-level risk control and 7 * 24 hour real-time monitoring, to maximize the security of user assets.

Anticipate the situation, the new update of version 2.0

Finance is closely linked to economic development and national security. With the rapid development of the crypto industry in recent years, exchanges have become a mirror of compliance and security. You can feel a trace of the “direction of the wind” of policies and market conditions depending on the attitudes of regulators towards the stock markets. For example, United States, the world’s financial center, manages crypto asset licenses early on. In 2017, Washington passed Law 5031, which stipulates the licenses that cryptocurrency exchanges must apply for. Contrary to United States, China Strictly prohibits trading as cryptocurrency related business activities in China are all illegal, by recent announcement.

BtLux, which has had an overview of the regulatory situation for some time, has focused its new version 2.0 on the application of blockchain technology and authorized entities in order to comply with the regulatory policies of different countries and regions. The highlight is the F10 function, which reflects the fundamentals of the project. The business entity first achieves the digital transformation through the public chain SEA, which is also one of the double star subprojects (the other is BtLux), then uses the BtLux F10 function to change the relationship of traditional production, allowing its consumers or investors to apprehend in real time the data of “dynamic value” of the company through the fundamentals of the project, such as the development situation, the evolution curve and the profits distributable per share. With a digital trading platform that supports real-time perception of changes, real-time analysis of changes, and optimal decision-making in real time, users and investors can enter the financial market traditional with a lower threshold standard.

After the full upgrade, BtLux Exchange will maximize the value-bearing and value-transmitting functions of the blockchain, and maximize the concept of equality and openness of the blockchain, effectively reducing the operating costs of the industrial chain physical and improving the efficiency of industrial circulation, realize value sharing between nodes, break from virtual to real, let technology genuinely strengthen the real economy, provide an innovative compliance path for crypto exchanges currency and create the next “miracle” of blockchain-enabled entities.

Security Compliance, Accelerating Global Deployment

Since the inception of BtLux, it has always adhered to the path of security and compliance. BtLux, has successively obtained the authoritative certification of the three major Australian institutions AUSTRAC, US FinCEN and Canadian FINTRAC, could provide digital currency transaction services. The Singapore MAS also accepted BtLux’s MPI license application. BtLux knows that the biggest enemy in the cryptocurrency trading battlefield is actually itself, and its own task force, security, and compliance are the foundation for its survival.

Therefore, BtLux has never stopped exploring, focusing on the global real economy with a strategic vision, adhering to the operating philosophy of security, specialization, innovation and globalization , entering the international market and striving to provide professional, secure and reliable services to global users. and credible physical digital economy token exchange services to help the global node economy rejuvenate and revitalize.

Regardless of its business philosophy or actual actions, BtLux is constantly improving the level of security and compliance of the platform and actively cooperating with local government regulatory policies. BtLux executives said it was a guarantee to customers and a commitment to itself by looking at the world but not developing aggressively. BtLux believe that more crypto exchanges like BtLux which gradually explores the “compliance path” will become a model trading platform in the industry, it is intended to break into this regulatory environment and promote the prosperity of the whole of the crypto industry.

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