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Car enters fatal crash during police chase in Rochester


ROCHESTER, NY (AP) – A police chase triggered by a report of gunfire ended with the suspect’s car crashing into another vehicle and killing its driver early Friday in downtown Rochester, the suspect said. Acting Police Chief David Smith.

The chase began at around 1:50 a.m., after police received an alert from a gunshot detection system on Dewey Avenue and an officer nearby heard what sounded like gunshots. fire and saw a Jeep go by without headlights, Smith told reporters at a press conference.

Surveillance cameras spotted the car as it headed downtown, while the gunshot detection system picked up more shots near where it was traveling. The chief said police tried unsuccessfully to stop the car and about three minutes after the chase began, the Jeep turned on a red light and struck a car passing through the intersection.

The driver of that car was killed, while the suspect was hospitalized in stable condition with serious but non-life threatening injuries, Smith said.

“It was a very emotionally disturbing scene,” he said.

Police did not immediately release the identity of those involved, although Smith said the suspect was a parolee whose ankle monitor would help police calculate the Jeep’s speed.

Videos from surveillance cameras or body-worn cameras have not yet been released. Smith said the images would be released “as soon as possible.”

Rochester Police Department policy requires officers considering a car chase to consider factors such as the offense for which the driver is wanted, speed, traffic, weather conditions and the danger posed. by the fleeing vehicle.

“At the moment, everything indicates that there is no violation of our policy,” Smith said.