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Car enthusiast turns heads with open scissor doors | Local News


A local car enthusiast was recently caught on camera driving around Radcliff with an unusual appearance on his car doors.

Jeff Borders, who graduated from North Hardin High School in 1996, was filmed driving his 2010 Dodge Charger with his car doors open.

The video was reposted on a popular car Facebook page called 1320Video where it racked up more than 450,000 views.

Borders, who likes to personalize his vehicle, modified his car by installing scissor doors: car doors that open instead of exiting.

He acquired the car about seven years ago, but Borders said he only added the wing doors a few months ago.

He said that he was at a gas station in town one day when he struck up a conversation with a police officer. He asked Borders if he had ever driven with the doors open.

Borders said he didn’t know he was allowed to do so, and the officer said that would be nice since Jeeps also have open doors. He has done it several times since and enjoys smelling the air while driving. He also said he was not arrested for it.

“It’s something different. It’s something no one has ever seen… especially here, ”Borders said.

He said he had received negative comments, but said it was fun watching people’s reactions. He said he had seen comments online saying Borders was doing it just for attention, but doing it just for fun.

Borders said he had been working on his own cars and customizing them since he was 16.

Currently Borders is working on a 1973 Travelall International Harvester and restoring it to a more original condition.

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