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Car Rental Gateway and Liigu launch contactless car rental in top European destinations


“We share the mission with Liigu to offer mobility services to anyone, anytime and anywhere,” says Martin Kallasmaa, Commercial Director of Car Rental Gateway. “Titanium Mobility offers our partners a flexible and efficient stack of tools to develop a forward-looking service. Our greatest innovation is not technology. It’s the attitude. We want to make carsharing really user-friendly by making the most of technology. it’s already there. “

Liigu starts at a time of change for the travel industry with the ambition to change the classic concept of car rental. Their goal is to offer a service as convenient as customers having their own car waiting in the airport parking lot. Instead of rental desks focused on upselling, Liigu also offers its customers state-of-the-art personal assistance throughout their journey.

Titanium Mobility provides technology to achieve Liigu’s goal. A full mobility trip on one platform allows customers to book a car online, go straight to the car, unlock the doors using the mobile app and drive off. In other words, a smartphone is all you need to rent a Liigu car.

The move towards contactless services in car rental is adapting to today’s lifestyle. People are used to doing everything online: shopping for groceries, furniture and even cars, working remotely and ordering food at their doorstep. Why wouldn’t renting a car be so easy? Car Rental Gateway and Liigu have joined forces to answer: yes, it is possible.

Car Rental Gateway is one of the world’s leading technology providers in the industry – they built the basic platform for Rentalcars.com, the largest online broker in the market, and provides Expedia with unified data and connectivity with all major rental car operators. The team, experienced in bringing together mobility operators and travel distributors, has been piloting e-commerce solutions for car rental distribution software since 2001.

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