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Carlos Boozer recalls renting a house from Prince


SALT LAKE CITY – Carlos Boozer has clarified all the details of his now famous home rental saga with rock and roll superstar Prince.

The former NBA All-Star was in Utah being honored by the Jazz for his tenure with the team and shared details of the famous story.

Rather than split the story, here’s Boozer’s own transcript of his incredible encounter with the late musical genius.

Carlos Boozer rents the house in Bel-Air to Prince

I bought a house in Bel-Air, it was actually just before I came to Jazz for training camp. So I bought a crib there, it was crazy – like 18,000 square feet, that was a lot of house. We just decorated and we probably spent maybe three or four days in the house at the time which means me and my ex-wife CeCe so just me and we didn’t even have the kids yet .

First, I bought the crib and moved here to Utah, came here for the season, and my real estate agent in LA, Roxanne, kept telling me “someone someone wants to rent your house,” and I was like, “No, I don’t even spend time at my house.

And then she told me he was willing to pay $95,000 a month and I was like, “Oh, since I’m going to be in Utah for the next eight, nine months,” you know.

So I flew to LA and met him there, he came in a limo and got out of the car. I didn’t know who it was until he got out of the car and I looked at Roxanne and said, “Yo, it’s Prince, man.” She was like, “Yeah.”

We walked around the house for maybe an hour – showed her some of the intricacies of the house. On the roof it was like a sunbathing terrace but there was also a tennis court which I turned into a basketball court, and he is a big basketball fan.

He grew up in Minnesota he was a huge Kevin Garnett fan and talked about KG because to me KG was probably the toughest guy I ever had to defend he was right in front of you all the time, very talented, bought so much passion – He would tell us like his love for the game, the best great defender I have ever seen in my career.

So we had conversations about KG and then he rented the crib so it was fine.

I come back here, that was the year I liked to tear my hamstrings four or five times, and so there was this very good physical therapist in Los Angeles named Judy Seto that the Lakers hired a few years ago – she is phenomenal.

So I went to Los Angeles to see her, and I kept calling Prince – I was going to drop by the house to see if he needed anything to let me know, but he didn’t. recalled.

I stopped in front of the house, I had these two golden lions on the gate, it was a big black gate, and it wasn’t there, so I come to the address and I say to myself: “Is the right address? ”

So I go back down the street, I go back up the street, it was a symbol that I had never seen before, and I was like, “What is this, whose house is this?”

So I put my code in the door and it opened, so I got in the car or whatever, went upstairs, and he had literally ripped out everything in my house – 18,000 square feet and put in a warehouse, then everything was purple and black everywhere.

It had purple and black carpet, a purple and black bed, I had a weight room, he turned the weight room into a nightclub with a disco ball and a DJ booth, which I thought it was pretty cool.

He had a massage parlor in one room, he transformed the whole house to look like his own, and I’m not used to it, like I’ve never rented a house from anyone.

I’m 22, 23, kinda beside myself, so I call and call, that’s the number I was thinking – I’m like, “Did he change the number on me?” Like it’s like an ex-girlfriend right now.

When I finally got through to him, he’s in Asia touring for his album and he finally got back to me and he said, “Booze, don’t worry, I got you.”

He wired me $500,000 to reassure me and he said, “When I move out, it’ll be like I’ve never been there.

Long story short, he’s renting my crib for a year, $95,000 a month, they put everything, 18,000 square feet of the house in storage and redecorated the whole house down to the crotch – then wired me half a mil just to ease my mind.

And then when I got to the end of his tenure, it was like he was never there. That’s how much money Prince had.

So, careful landlords, if a rock star rings to check on your rental, it might be worth answering their calls.