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Carsharing returns to Princeton


After more than a year, Carsharing services returned to the University last week, offering students and faculty the option of renting transportation by the hour or by the day.

An email sent to all undergraduates on September 17th with detailed information about the service, including the Enterprise CarShare fleet of 14 vehicles located at locations throughout the campus. Enterprise offers an accessible and more affordable car rental option for princeton.edu email holders over the age of 18 with a valid US Driver’s License or International Driver’s Permit .

According to Enterprise Carshare website, university campus rental rates start at just $ 5 / hour or $ 40 / day, including fuel, insurance, and parking. The rental works by using a membership card mailed to students or faculty after approval of the request to unlock vehicles.

In an interview with The Daily Princetonian, Michael Emperor ’25 expressed his enthusiasm for the availability of the service.

“I think it will be helpful for students to access resources that are not necessarily within walking distance of campus and explore places and towns around NJ,” he said.

Hector Betanzos ’22, who used the service in his first two years at Princeton, told the “Prince” that it was difficult to adjust to not having a personal car on campus.

“Life as a first and second year was really tough; as a FLI student, [moving to campus] a bit like a 180 compared to back home, as far as access to cars is concerned, ”he said.

Betanzos stressed that the service is particularly useful for students who do not have the option of keeping a car on campus and who may sometimes need to access it.

“I think older people living off campus or those in catering clubs or independent meal plans will find it super helpful to be able to rent a car just to run around to shop for groceries or supplies for their clubs,” he said. declared.

According to Transportation and Parking Services Website, cars can be found at the following locations, which are marked with Enterprise CarShare signage:

– Lot 8 / University Store – three vehicles

– Lot 20 – six vehicles

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– Lawrence Apartments (near the bus stop) – two vehicles

– Lakeside Apartments (first floor of the garage) – two vehicles

– Graduate College (at the Tower) – one vehicle

New this year is the addition of two cars affiliated with rental company Zipcar. The service is similar to Carshare, with rates starting at $ 9.50 / hr and $ 79 / day. Users do not need to have a princeton.edu email address to rent, but must have either a valid US driver’s license or an international driver’s license. These cars are located in the parking lot at Princeton / Wawa Rail Station next to the 15 minute counters and are marked with Zipcar signs.

Students can find more information about the service and register for one of the Business Where Zipcar website.

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