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Dodgers’ bullpen comes in early, bears the burden of maintaining winning streak – press enterprise


Washington – It’s been a day and a half in the bullpen right now.

Already below the start of the game on Sunday, the one hour and 44 minute rain delay shortened Clayton Kershaw’s day after four innings, moving the Dodgers box earlier. On Saturday night, they beat the Washington Nationals 5-3, with each of the five rescuers completing a scoreless inning.

Brusdar Graterol, Joe Kelly, Phil Bickford, Blake Treinen and Kenley Jansen were the only ones to face three or more batters in innings, most often defending a point lead. The Nationals defeated the Dodgers rescuers 3-17.

4 sets of games are not common. However, the Dodgers swept one out of that franchise for the first time since the Montreal Expo in May 1982. The Dodgers have won eight straight games and have outperformed their opponents since being hit by zero. the Chicago Cubs 43-18 in this stretch.

Dodgers rescuers need to sleep soundly after this.

Saturday’s rain delay will come to work when play resumes around 10:30 p.m. local time, signaling the start of 11:00 a.m. on July 4, with 14 innings in about 16 hours. This means that it must be treated.

“All practical decks,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. Eternal optimists see his enclosure as half full instead of half empty.

“I think we are in a good position,” he said. “Tomorrow (right-hander Edwin) will move to bring Useta. He’s cool and can throw 75, 80 shots as needed. But others, 2 out of 3 people, 3 out of 4 people, and so on. But there is enough pitching. ”

Both starters completed the first three innings and encountered a fourth pairing issue before the Skittles-sponsored tarp appeared at the Nationals Park every night.

Nationals starter Paolo Espino gave Mookie Betts a game opener and started the game, in turn removing the next nine Dodgers.

The auto show also dropped the first single. He got a double run on the floor and then put out seven more domestic hitters in turn.

But in the fourth, Espino set the Dodgers’ Hughes on fire, wrapping around the Justin Turner single with Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger loading the bass with no outs. A run scored by Will Smith and Albert Pujols (19th RBI since joining the Dodgers) on a continuous sacrifice volley, and a run scored by Gavin Lux in doubles.

The auto show problem spread more slowly. He kicked Juan Soto out, defeated Ryan Zimmerman and gave Starlin Castro a two-out single. But when runners 2 and 2 roll without biting the center of the plate, Yan Gomes hits the left wing wall for a 3-point home run, and Kershaw tilts, he comes out unscathed. It was at a lot. As the ball leaves Gomez’s bat.

A storm came after Betts was grounded to start the fifth inning. Whenever it seemed to stop, things would pick up and repeat the sequence for almost two hours.

By the time the game resumed, the auto show was over.

“It was something that no one could control. It certainly wasn’t ideal, ”said Roberts. “I know what Clayton wanted to continue. This is his credit. Without surprise. But we hope to win tomorrow and win and see where we are on Monday. You will see. ”

The Dodgers took the lead in the sixth inning, leaving behind the comfort of the infield wrapped in the Skittles logo.

Relief from Nationals Wander Suero hit Smith down the field and defeated the lone runner. Albert Pujols bounced off the field against newly acquired shortstop Alcides Escobar, and the Nationals kind of avoided double play with the greatest leader of all time by hitting them.

Escobar bubbled the ball and returned the sneaky second base too late to empower Smith, and the second baseman throw Josh Harrison was wide on first and both runners were safe. Harrison drew the only mistake in a failed game on both sides of the base.

After Lux’s kick, AJ Pollock cut the ground at 65.1 mph on the third baseline and beat it with a single when Gore Head Run scored.

It was the first of eight straight Dodgers wins without any homeruns.

“No matter how hard you hit, you just move the ball forward,” said Roberts. “We’re a lot better off with it. We know we have it in us. When we can do it, it’s baseball, not really a little ball. With all the talent and slugs we potentially have when we can make it, we’re better than anyone. ”

The Dodgers added an insurance run atop the ninth when Lux walked, stole second and scored with Chris Taylor’s RBI single.

Dodgers’ bullpen comes in early, bears the burden of maintaining winning streak – press enterprise Source link Dodgers’ bullpen comes in early, bears the burden of maintaining winning streak – press enterprise


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