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Fake car rental offers rip off Council Bluffs family over $ 500


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) – Rental cars are scarce and prices are on the rise, so here’s a warning about bogus deals. When you search online, make sure the number is for a legitimate car rental company.

Sad news has been brought to Patty Otis’ family home.

“My niece, nephew, and son came from Wisconsin to attend their grandfather’s funeral,” Otis said.

But when their vehicle broke down, Patty called an online number claiming to be a Budget rental car offering a discount if paying with prepaid cards.

“They cheated on me, and I thought it was all legitimate, but it wasn’t and it cost me $ 500,” Otis said.

Budget issued an alert and says that anyone looking to prepay for a rental by gift card is a con artist.

Patty says the crooks promised to drop a rental car into her driveway within five minutes of paying and she did. But she and her family waited nine hours and no cars were delivered.

6 News called the same number Patty dialed for a car rental deal. He offered a week-long Enterprise rental for $ 500.

“They want the number you scratch. Something told me to call American Express, I called them and the money was gone, ”Otis said.

Enterprise claims customers said they looked for promotional car rental deals and found a number claiming to be Enterprise, but they didn’t.

An Enterprise spokesperson said, “We will not ask a customer to pay over the phone when making a reservation and prepaid cards are only accepted at the end of a rental.”

Car rental companies warn that any promotional offer requiring prepaid card numbers before getting a reservation is likely a con artist trying to take victims for a ride.

“The pandemic is tough enough, stop adding more. If you want the money, go get a job, ”Otis said.

Patty Otis filed a fraud complaint with the card company, but was told there were no refunds on prepaid gift cards. She also filed a police report.

Two car rental companies say they work with law enforcement, but in these cases the money is certainly gone, so customer awareness is the real key.

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