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Father-of-33 clapped back on social media calling him ‘irresponsible and mean’ after family photo went viral


A father of 33, Demond George recently posted a family photo on Facebook, which quickly went viral on social media. Shortly after, George responded to the backlash of being called “irresponsible and mean” going live on Facebook.

“The withdrawal game is not weak, I just don’t withdraw,” the 34-year-old dad says in the video. “You n—– have three or four [kids] and don’t do a damn thing. It’s not s— weak here. My pockets are not weak, and my d— is certainly not weak.

In the original post of over 20 images from the family photo shoot, he captioned it, “THE LEGEND THE LEGACY WILL LIVE FOREVER.” After thanking the mothers of his nine children for making the filming possible, he ends the post with, “9 missing, it still went well, I’m really blessed.”

George has since taken his Facebook to private after being trolled on all social platforms for being ‘weird and disgusting’. Many have called out the 33-year-old father for men’s rights and that there is no way he will be able to give all these children the attention they deserve as they grow up.

One user asked, “‘Legacy’ OF WHAT??? What did he do in life worth keeping alive? What did he build for these children? What are the things he’s done that will feed entire generations? NOTHING. It’s just a male right and a lack of responsibility.

While many others have come to his defense, citing “being fruitful and multiplying” or speculating that he will be present and financially responsible for the children’s lives, George repeatedly states how his baby mothers know he is broke. , despite showing “$20,000 cash”. in the video and having four bank accounts.

Another user compares it to Nick Cannon and thanks his contribution to the repopulation of the planet. “That’s why Kings had multiple wives… the seed of man had to spread and as the stats say this year alone was the lowest birth rate in a generation so congratulations to him n Nick to repopulate the earth.”

George pretended to be a truck driver, which actually makes one wonder how he would find the time to be present in the lives of his 33 children.