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Former Reapit guru aims to make the HMO industry more attractive …


Former Reapit and Countrywide tech guru Gary Barker has joined the HMO COHO cohabitation platform as a non-executive director – just weeks after becoming a director of the board of directors of the parent company of Guild, epropservices.

COHO offers a tailor-made property management platform for rental agents and small portfolio owners; the service is increasingly interested in winning agent clients.

Barker says: “I am passionate about technology and solutions at heart, and when [founder Vann Vansgard] demonstrated COHO to me. I immediately thought about how it offered agents a way to take advantage of a new part of the rental business and increase their income and services.

“I think the HMO industry will experience a significant explosion and without any stigma attached to it. I think it will not only be the young people who will seek to benefit from cohabitation, but also the middle aged owners with a room they wish to offer, for financial and social benefits.

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Barker’s 15 years as Managing Director of Reapit were preceded by senior finance and IT roles at Countrywide, working with personalities that have become industry names including Grenville Turner, Bob Scarff, Ben Taylor and Lee Wainwright. .

Barker continues his new role: “Agents are currently operating in a real estate bubble controlled and managed by external and economic factors. Most real estate agents operate a sales and rental business in order to earn regular income from their rental portfolio and then variable income from the sales market.

“However, what is also well known is that the private rental sector and HMOs account for over 50% of the total rental market, for which agents do not currently operate, but a space where I think they can. and will operate with the right technology.


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