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Frontline nurse, Navy veteran gets help after Aida wreaks havoc on the house


Bogota, NJ (WABC) -Following the retreats from the flooding of Hurricane Aida-Many homeowners and renters have lost their homes without paying for insurance, leaving their old homes and apartments uninhabitable.

At that time, Nina Pineda of 7 On Your Side stepped in to help the refugee’s family to put his life at risk and help the most needy family during the pandemic.

Ida’s water wall of wrath crushed and took the life of building a house for Chris King.

“It’s heartbreaking, catastrophic, can’t tell you, evacuate the kids, evacuate me myself, we don’t know where to sleep after next week,” King said.

Chris is a US Navy veteran, a nurse at Hackensack Hospital, and Pearl is a frontline visiting nurse.

They have never stopped working on COVID and have stayed in county shelters with their children, Josh and Mia, since Aida blamed their home in Bogotá.

“We are not allowed to live in this house because it is structurally unsanitary due to damage on both sides. They shut off the electricity, shut off the gas and can’t stay here, ”King said. Noted.

Their FEMA Disaster Relief Fund is still on hold and has been turned down for an SBA loan. In addition, they have so far not received assistance from veterans groups or other charities.

“We’re not low income, so we’re not qualified,” Chris said.

A friend started GoFundMe. Meanwhile, the family is running out of savings. Their three cars were submerged and totaled.

Kings called 7 On Your Side when he was notified of his emergency home handover within a week.

They didn’t know where to go.

We contacted FEMA first and within 48 hours the pending rental aid status was funded. Next car: We got USAA to write a check and asked Jack Daniel’s VW for help.

“I’m going to rent a car from them today, so it’s a substitute for buying a rental car,” said Don Chittom of Jack Daniel’s VW.

The next day, a dealer, the Air Force vet, delivered him to another vet and put Pearl in a new car so the nurse could see the patient.

And another surprise: we asked the United Way Compassionate Fund in Bergen County to investigate Kings’ special case.

United Way has announced that it will house the family in a hotel suite with kitchen and two bedrooms for a week.

The next step for the family is to bring in a contractor or builder to help with the repairs so they can return home. The deadline to apply for FEMA funds is November 4th.

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Frontline nurse, Navy veteran gets help after Aida wreaks havoc on the house

Frontline nurse, Navy veteran gets help after Aida wreaks havoc on the house


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