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How to make your home a vacation rental


No matter how happy they make you, if family portraits and children’s drawings decorate your walls, it is better to remove them when the tenants are around. It can be a difficult task. After all, you’ve worked hard to make your house a home. Yet, when renting for a vacation, people need a clean, uncluttered place to call home when away from home. Alicia Lafon of Vacasa explains, “Guests want to feel like it’s their private getaway, not a visit to someone else’s home.” To give your guests that feeling, remove photos, diplomas, and all keepsakes. Provide a place, such as a closet, where you can easily stack personal items that you remove when the house is rented. When it’s your moment, between two vacationers, you can start from scratch. Keep artwork, mirrors, and other universal decorations on the walls.

Of course, a home always needs decorations to feel inviting, and neutral colors are the answer. Neutral walls help make the home feel welcoming and comfortable without the tenant feeling like they’re invading your space. The Back Store emphasizes that neutral walls create a blank canvas, allowing other elements of the room to take center stage. For example, a colorful bohemian rug stands out in a light gray painted room. Neutrals are far from boring. Think soft, subtle colors that can coordinate with just about any other color or style.