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Infrastructure Bill Creates Living Wage Jobs in Indiana



I know a thing or two about resilience. In 2003, I was involved in a head-on collision with a car that left me disabled and got worse again in 2015 when I had a fourth grade brain hemorrhage. Each time, I learn to adapt and get out of it.

But the pandemic has been a unique ordeal. My business – repairing and detailing cars and motorcycles – slowed down, and my girlfriend and I lost our home and our cars. We live with my stepfather now.

My sons, whom I raised to be hard workers like me, have been out of work for months. They’ve found short-term jobs here and there, and they finally seem to be finding some stability, but it all feels like it can be done away with in an instant.

Politicians in Washington are talking about a big game wanting to help people, and they are fortunate enough to do so now by passing an infrastructure bill that creates jobs for me, my family and people like us everywhere. Indiana.

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I have worked all my life and I dedicate myself to my job. But when the main industry begins to die, so does retail. We are known as the “Steel Belt of America”, but the pandemic has forced several factories to to close and left thousands of people out of work.

I love my community. We have no shortage of workers here, but we really need jobs and good wages. With stable, well-paying jobs, my girlfriend and I can once again move into our own accommodation, and my sons wouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet. I know we are not alone, as I recently joined an organization called Work Money it brings people together from across the country to demand that politicians provide jobs for workers. It shouldn’t be too much to ask.

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I hear a lot about the fact that this is a Republican versus Democrat thing. – Everything in life has a cost associated with it: car payment, insurance, gasoline, rent. Anyone who works hard should be able to afford these things. It is not a political question. It’s just common sense.

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All my life I have worked hard and found a way out. I’ll find a way to do it again, but it shouldn’t be that hard. I expect politicians in Washington to work hard too and find a way to get this infrastructure investment and jobs law passed.

Richard Arnn lives in Hobart and is a member of WorkMoney, a nonprofit dedicated to cutting costs and increasing incomes for all Americans.



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