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Knight Frank is revolutionizing the rental industry with access…


Rental agency Knight Frank has partnered with accessible housing consultancy AccessiblePRS to improve access and inclusion in the UK’s private rental sector.

The agency says that across the UK there are more than 400,000 wheelchair users who live in unsuitable properties and 1.8 million households containing at least one person with accessible housing needs, who struggle to find suitable properties to rent.

AccessiblePRS catalyzes access and inclusion by increasing the supply of wheelchair accessible accommodation in the UK and, in its own words, “levels the playing field for older and disabled tenants to find properties appropriate, and changes the narrative around accessibility so that the mainstream real estate industry understands its relevance and benefits.

As part of the partnership, Knight Frank will join the organization’s accessible rental program and launch a series of initiatives across its rental business, including:

– Use key phrases and standardized words related to accessibility on property listings;

– Training of all staff to understand barriers to inclusion in rentals; understand the needs of tenants with disabilities; identify potentially suitable properties and provide clearer online information;

– Identify private rental sector champions within the corporate rental division;

– updated presentation of floor plans, property listings and photographs to ensure clarity for potential tenants

– create inclusive office displays;

– the provision of a page dedicated to rentals accessible on the firm’s website.

Beverley Kennard, Rental Operations Manager at Knight Frank, says: “We recognize that there is an industry-wide problem when it comes to supporting people with accessible housing needs. This partnership with AccessiblePRS will allow us to make positive changes, which will open up the viewing process to those with different accessibility needs. We are committed to ensuring the best possible customer experience for our diverse range of customers and customers and look forward to working with the AccessiblePRS team to achieve this.

And Guy Harris, founder of AccessiblePRS, adds: “I am delighted to work with Knight Frank, whose people have been so engaged and focused. Their early recognition of the social and business opportunities to include more people with diverse housing needs will have a wider influence on ownership. I appreciate their leadership and influence.

Knight Frank says it will begin rolling out the new initiatives across its rental business in October and will consider opportunities to expand the program to other areas of the business in due course.