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Lakes Area Cruisers Hold Annual Auto Show


Last weekend at the Super 8 Motel in Jasper, the oldies reigned supreme.

Not old rock in roll or oldie seniors, but old classic cars. Lakes Area Cruisers held their annual auto show, and for the first time at its new location.

The three-day event had over 115 entries from as far away as Arkansas. The cars on display ranged from the early years of automotive manufacture to the latest version of the Chevrolet Corvette. Muscle cars, trucks and more in their original condition, as if they had just rolled out of the factory to custom versions of vehicles.

Many non-participants came to be spectators and see the vehicles, talk to the car owners and find out how these cars kept their condition and didn’t end up in a junkyard.

Cruisers spokesperson President Oney Weaver said the organization is over 20 years old and the volunteer group meets monthly to discuss their classics, the next upcoming show in the area, their charitable causes and of course groups’ events. All proceeds from the events sponsored by the group go to food banks in Jasper, Newton and Pineland.

Cars and their owners take pride in restoring, saving, or saving these classic pieces of transportation history, and they’ll tell you the best thing is that they can still drive their favorite cars.