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License Plate Recognition Camera System Helps Solve Rental Car Theft



Lizbeth Renta

Lake County’s new license plate recognition system helped police arrest a Sanford woman who failed to return a vehicle to a Rent-A-Car business in Seminole County after expiration of its location.

Lizbeth Bonilla Renta, 27, was driving into a Sonic Drive-In at 806 Citrus Blvd. at 7:37 p.m. Wednesday, when she was arrested by a Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy who was alerted by the LPR system, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

LPR camera in Fruitland Park reported black 2020 Chevy sedan as it headed for the southern United States highway. 27/441. A deputy spotted the vehicle after receiving the notification while on patrol. He followed the car to the Sonic, activated his lights and siren, then summoned a Sumter County Sheriff’s Deputy and a Leesburg Police Officer to the scene to assist in the arrest.

Police found several bags of marijuana in the car, but later found Renta had a medical marijuana card.

The Puerto Rican native was held in Lake County Jail for theft and held overnight before being released Thursday morning on a written promise to appear in court on August 9.

Renta has several tattoos, including one on her arm that says, “Never be a prisoner of your own past. It was a lesson, not a life sentence.

Lt. John Herrell, a spokesperson for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, said the county started using the LPR camera system in the middle of last year.

“This is beneficial technology that helps our sheriff patrols do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and safely,” he said.



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