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Limited transportation for Waverly families


WAVERLY, Tennessee (WTVF) – It’s one thing to pay for a house you can’t live in, but now the residents of Waverly say they have to pay for rental cars that were once covered by insurance.

Dawn Schwarz does more daily trips in a month than I would bet most people drive in a year. Unfortunately, his car, like many others, was destroyed after the August flood.

“Yeah, $ 1,287.65, and that thing would have been mine,” Schwarz said.

Now at $ 30 a day, Schwarz has to rely on a rental car to get to and from work. Schwarz works for a company that provides veteran care services. She enjoys what she does and earns enough money to pay her bills.

The rental car was already part of her Allstate insurance policy, so at first she didn’t pay anything. What she didn’t realize was that Allstate only agreed to pay for one week of service.

With bills and rent due in the coming weeks, Schwarz says she has repeatedly requested an extension. According to his agent Allstate, the fine print offered no possibility of an extension.

“They said that’s how it’s written and that there is nothing they can do,” Schwarz said.

Fortunately, Enterprise offered her the same discounted price that the insurance company offered, but that still means paying for something she needs.

From where she is at her Briarwood Apartments home in Waverly, her commute takes her an hour towards Lyles and another hour towards Big Sandy. She visits her home twice a day to check for any repairs, before heading to the hotel where she and her family have stayed for weeks.

“Since having this car, I have driven over 4,000 miles with it,” said Schwarz.

Without traditional public transportation, we tried Uber and Lyft to see what other options there might be. We couldn’t find any cars available, which Schwarz said was no surprise as few drivers are willing to get to Waverly, just to turn around and drive an hour elsewhere.

We could still see the price, which was $ 45 one way. We then turned to taxis, but the closest service was 30 miles away. The others were at least 40 miles.

It was then that we found MidCumberland Transit. Their website lists several phone numbers where you can call and schedule a pickup. Vans can take you to any number of counties in Middle Tennessee. Prices vary depending on where you need to be, so a one-hour ride twice a day can get you back to where you started.

It is money that she cannot afford not to spend for the chance to one day find the house she remembers.

When we arrived at Briarwood Apartments on Friday we noticed construction crews were going door to door and doing repairs. Schwarz says it’s the first time she’s seen them since we last met on September 7th.

Appeals to Greer Management, owner of the property, went unanswered. Schwarz says he was not told when to expect the repairs to be completed. For now, the Red Cross has agreed to pay for their hotel while they continue to seek temporary accommodation.


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