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OMG, I want to rent this house: Lake Como, Italy


Villa Balbiano, Lake Como, Italy (Airbnb): If you have just left a projection of Gucci House, then we have an important announcement for you: it’s not a movie yet. While this property do debuted on the proverbial red carpet last year, this photo is of a real life villa on Lake Como that’s ready and waiting for you to don your best Italian couture and move on to … at least for a little moment.

Lake Como may be known for its prominent inhabitants, including the King and Queen of Como, George and Amal Clooney, but Villa Balbiano has achieved a great victory against its neighbors: it is one of the largest private residences on the very chic lake. As a bonus, it also has frescoes like these which were painted in the 17th century by the brothers Recchi and Agostino Silva.

The main villa in this heavenly corner of Ossuccio, Italy has six grand suites, but only one lucky guest in your party (:: raise your hand: 🙂 falls asleep like a real Gucci. It’s time to practice saying, “I only sleep on red velvet and silk, my dear.

Close your eyes, clear your mind and imagine Italian decadence right now! What did you imagine? If you’re like us, it was crystal chandeliers over crystal chandeliers, that is, one of the living rooms at Villa Balbiano. That’s right, this is the type of property where salons are officially known as “salons”.

A stay here gives you carte blanche to the grounds which cover nearly three hectares, much of which is immaculately manicured gardens. It gives new meaning to going for a nice little walk to pamper yourself when you need a break, regardless of your happy vacationers.

Villa Balbiano was built at the end of the 16th century. Its early years were influenced by the decadence and good taste of the Italian cardinals. The man who originally built the property was Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, but it was Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini at the end of the 17th century who took over the property and left his mark on the villa with renovations. major and an impeccable taste for art.

Many luxury homes are filled with luxury goods only from the most modern designers. But if you asked this chateau “Where do you shop?” The answer would be “Only at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, dahling!”

When you embrace Italian decadence, there are never too many golden accents. With the gorgeous decor, you probably think this would be the perfect place to get married or throw a party for a fabulous occasion. While you would be right, and while you can renting the villa for this purpose, we believe you should channel your inner Gucci and celebrate each day as if it were a big event. This means that the best reason to book a vacation at Villa Balbiano is for no reason.

The bodies of water to which you have access while staying at Villa Balbiano are numerous and impressive: the lake, the indoor swimming pool, the outdoor swimming pool and the magnificent marble baths. But will you choose?

Ah, this is the perfect place for your daily aperitif. Just imagine your closest friends and Al Pacino – the latest Aldo Gucci, of course – donning their chicest summer suites and cocktail dresses for a refreshing Aperol spritz.

The listing agent calls this property an “Italian gem”. If you are interested in the evidence that will back up this seriously descriptive claim, we will leave you alone with this image for a few minutes so you can enjoy the glory that is Villa Balbiano.

Whether you arrive by boat or car, your week (or more … we will never dare judge your life) of luxury on the western shore of Lake Como will start with your way through at least one of the beautiful gardens. to arrive at the now famous Italian Hollywood villa. If you choose to approach your garden as if you were walking on your own red carpet, the decision is up to you.

Book your stay: Villa Balbiano, Lake Como, Italy $ 1,400 / night via Airbnb