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Phoenix man unintentionally using car-sharing service part of human trafficking incident



Turo logo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

A Phoenix-area man was accidentally part of a human trafficking investigation after he rented his car from an unknown person through a service called “Turo”. Turo describes itself as “the world’s largest peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace where you can book any car, anywhere you want”. People can use the service to earn money by renting their cars, or find a rental car for themselves.

Phoenix man Ahmad Abdallah used Turo to rent his SUV for a few months when he had an unusual rental. According to Abdallah, quote: “I’m giving him the car, but I have a bad feeling, so I’m following the car through Lojack. She starts going to Tucson, after Tucson to Nogales. I told him that if this car crosses the border, I will report it as stolen. She said, ‘No, I’m coming to get my sister.’ Abdallah said the driver drove more than 100 kilometers before re-entering I-10. He then called the DPS, who were able to stop the vehicle. They discovered six undocumented migrants in Abdallah’s vehicle, which led to its seizure as part of the investigation, which is still ongoing.

Turo issued the following statement regarding the incident: When we learned that one of our host’s vehicles in Arizona was involved in a trust and security incident, our team took immediate action to support it, including working with local law enforcement, by covering the costs associated with the incident and by suspending the guest’s account. Turo takes trust and security very seriously and has strong protections in place to support our community. We conduct certain trust and security filtering processes to report and investigate suspicious activity and to attempt to prevent customers with certain criminal backgrounds from accessing our services.