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Rent the Airbnb in Newark where Dua Lipa and J Balvin worked


Airbnbs are the way to go for having your own private space when you go on vacation. Not only that, but sometimes you can find a nice Airbnb that’s probably a lot cheaper than a real hotel.

Here’s the thing, you don’t often find Airbnbs that have been rented by celebrities. Well, we found one here in Newark, New Jersey that was rented out by Dua Lipa, J Balvin, and other huge production companies.

This Newark, New Jersey Airbnb has a very unique look and gives all the New York vibes without having to be in New York.

Personally, it doesn’t look like the prettiest Airbnb and the price doesn’t make it pretty either. Expensive things are never pretty.

You can stay at the Airbnb where Dua Lipa and J Balvin worked

This Airbnb is a large warehouse (aka loft) from the 1920s, but what’s unique about the interior is probably what makes it expensive. Inside this Newark Airbnb you’ll find an old car, several motorcycles, a punching bag, and a really big TV screen, but nothing looks new.

This is not a cheap Airbnb. It costs $ 5,000 a night and, according to the Airbnb ad, it’s “often reserved during the day for photography, TV, and movie sets.”

Let’s face it, Dua Lipa and all these big production companies have the funds to rent that Airbnb in Newark.

It would be a cool place to throw a big birthday party and invite a ton of friends and family over.

Take a look inside


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