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Rent the car of your dreams during your next vacation in Bali or Java with TREVO!


After 2 years of pandemic and with the current reduction in travel restrictions, we are all excited and eager to start exploring the beauty that Indonesia has to offer with our family or friends during the upcoming Lebaran holiday season.

When planning your trip, it is good to know that TREVO car rental request is here to provide you with the vehicle you need.

Whether you’re looking for a family car in Yogyakarta, a motorhome for camping in Bandung, a car to fit your surfboards in Bali, or you’re looking for the feeling of riding that classic Chevrolet Tame Impala with your friends, TREVO offers you thousands of different vehicles to choose from. And it doesn’t just stop at cars, you can also find helicopter ridesmotorbikes and yachts on the platform – giving you an experience you will never forget!

TREVO is Indonesia’s fastest growing car rental app that connects renters with thousands of trusted hosts who give you a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. Created at the end of 2020, after its successful launch in Malaysia, TREVO is keen to spread the #TREVOLUTION across Indonesia. With its most recent expansion to Yogyakarta, Semarang and Surabaya, TREVO is now available in all major cities in Java as well as Bali, giving thousands of customers the opportunity to rent a vehicle as if it were their own. .

Besides the wide variety of vehicles available in the app, TREVO has several other benefits to make your life easier. Don’t want to leave your house to pick up the car you rented? Use TREVO Delivery to have the vehicle of your dreams delivered to your doorstep! Vehicles delivered by TREVO dealers are also equipped with sanitary kits, ensuring a safe journey wherever you go. You can also opt for the chauffeured option if you want to stretch out and relax in the backseat on the go or choose to rent the car without a driver, to enjoy the freedom of going on a road trip yourself.

To TREVO, we believe in the “what you see is what you get” policy when it comes to booking your car. With thousands of verified hosts ready for you, worrying about hidden or extra fees won’t be a burden anymore! I can’t wait to start your journey with TREVO? Download the TREVO app now, and try it yourself this holiday season!


Special for this Eid holiday season, TREVO brings you a 35% off on your car reservation and removes the mileage limit if you are traveling within Java. Book now before April 30, 2022 using the promo code ‘LEBARAN35’ traveling during the holiday season (April 28 – May 8, 2022).

Book the car of your dreams for your Eid holidays in TREVO now!