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Riverside Photo Exhibit Features Big Names in Jazz and Contemporary Dance – Press Enterprise


In one image, Ella Fitzgerald sings into the microphone as Dizzy Gillespie watches her with his head in his hand. In another, Gillespie smiles and raises his arms in the air at the corner of W. 52nd St. and Avenue of the Americas in New York City in 1948.

These are some of the moments on display as part of “Jazz Greats: Classic Photographs from the Bank of America Collection,” which runs through April 3 at the Sweeney Art Gallery at UCR Arts in Riverside.

These candid images of jazz greats Fitzgerald and Gillespie are the work of William P. Gottlieb, who was a columnist for the Washington Post and Down Beat, where he wrote about jazz in the 1940s. to accompany his report.

“This exhibit gives visitors the opportunity to connect with the photographer or characters on display,” exhibits manager Rita Souther said in a video interview.

Milt Hinton was a musician who began his career as a photographer by taking pictures of other musicians and mentors such as Louis Armstrong, Gillespie, Cab Calloway, Sarah Vaughan and Fitzgerald.

“If you notice, his photos are a little more intimate because he was there with them,” Souther said. “He was a friend”

The Jazz Age featured in the collection shows not just the performers on stage, but the relationship between people, places and community that allowed music to thrive.

The exhibition consists of 33 photographs by 15 photographers from the 1920s to the 1980s. The photographs depict artists and their audiences not only in jazz, but also in contemporary dance.

The collection also explores a variety of photography styles which consist of portraits, suspended movements, candid photos of performances and places where musicians and fans have mingled.

“I thought we would organize it into very loose themes,” Souther said.

The exhibition also features photographers such as Barbara Morgan, whose photos have captured dancers such as Martha Graham, José Limón and Merce Cunningham.

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When: Until April 3.

Or: Sweeney Art Gallery at UCR Arts, 3834 Main Street, Riverside.

Admission: To free.

COVID-19 guidelines: Visitors must complete a wellness survey on the day of their visit and show museum staff their authorization message to enter. A survey must be completed for each person visiting the museum. The survey can be taken from home or visitors can scan the QR code at the museum entrance to complete the survey upon arrival. If you don’t have a smart device, the staff will give you access to the survey when you arrive. Masks are mandatory.

Information: 951-827-4787 or ucrarts.ucr.edu