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Short term rentals may be eligible for the promotion | Local company


The short term rental industry has seen a substantial increase in popularity over the past decade.

Primarily due to home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb, the availability of convenient online home-sharing options has increased around the world, including a huge increase in Stillwater.

Many consider that the best feature of a short-term rental is the privacy it offers the traveling public. There is no need to stay in the one-room enclosure or share walls with strangers.

Cristy Morrison is Executive Director of Visit Stillwater.

Stillwater is currently home to eighteen hotel properties with a total inventory of 1,406 rooms. The University Inn and Suites is scheduled to reopen as Baymont by Wyndham in fall 2022 with an inventory of 115 rooms, bringing the total inventory to 1,521.

The total number of short-term rental listings varies from month to month and has ranged from 127 to 140 short-term rentals over the past three months.

Short-term rental properties that collect local tourist tax and local, county, and state sales tax are eligible for Visit Stillwater promotional services.

If you are listed only through Airbnb, or if we receive a copy of your sales tax permit from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, we will include your short-term rental(s) on our website under “Accommodations”.

You will receive:

  • Website presence: VisitStillwaterOK.org
  • Link to your Airbnb or website to book your property
  • Your favorite photo to highlight your ad
  • Inclusion in the photo header on the ‘Cottages and Homes’ page if your guests post photos and use #VisitStillwater
  • Promotion for short-term rentals is included in 100,000 copies of our annual Stillwater guide to the local scene and directed to VisitStillwaterOK.org listings
  • Social media posts and/or stories referencing accommodation options
  • Inclusion in the Visit Stillwater e-newsletter
  • Quarterly e-newsletter to Stillwater Lodging Industry Partners
  • Opportunity to appear on TV-31’s “The Morning Edition”
  • Space to distribute a promotional piece in our 24/7 tourist information center

VRBO currently does not collect local tourist tax or local, county, and state taxes in Oklahoma. Until they align with and support our local and national tourism development efforts, we will not promote their platform. Properties that rent through VRBO must show a copy of their Oklahoma Tax Commission sales tax permit and have their tax rebates verified to be promoted.

Email [email protected]rg if you have any questions or to list your short term rental.

For the latest and most up-to-date information about the Stillwater hospitality industry, visit VisitStillwater.org and follow Visit Stillwater on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @VisitStillwater. Cristy Morrison, President and CEO of Visit Stillwater, can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 405-743-3697.