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Signal Alliance Limited celebrates its Silver Jubilee and transforms into a holding company with a new identity



A leading technology company, Signal Alliance celebrated its 25e anniversary yesterday at a formal event in Lagos, with its stakeholders.

Founded in 1996, it has been at the forefront of ICT integration, optimizing operations and supporting organizational growth through value-added technology solutions. The company has become a technological powerhouse and is now better positioned for the future. Signal Alliance announced during the event its plans to transform into a holding company, Signal Alliance Technology Holdings (SATH).

Speaking at the event, SATH Executive Vice President Collins Onuegbu said, “As a future-ready technology company, we have also diversified within the IT industry into a few companies. in line with our vision. On this note, I am also pleased to announce that Signal Alliance is in the process of becoming a Holding made up of 3 subsidiaries, CloudSA, Signal Alliance Consulting and Sasware. And several affiliates ”

He reaffirmed that Signal Alliance Technology Holding (SATH) places great importance on the trust of customers, shareholders and the public and remains committed to upholding the enviable reputation the company enjoys due to past and current stakeholder trust. . All companies under the umbrella of SATH will continue to build on the core values ​​of Signal Alliance and strive to provide cutting edge service to customers while driving innovation in the Nigerian tech industry.

The new holding company will continue to expand its business portfolio while expanding internationally to take advantage of the growing technology market in Africa.

About Signal Alliance Technology Holding

Signal Alliance Technology Holding is a leading technology group with subsidiaries and affiliates in technology consulting, cloud services and early stage technology investment. Signal Alliance Technology Holding subsidiaries serve companies in Nigeria and West Africa in areas such as enterprise technology services, IT infrastructure and service management, data and AI,

Cybersecurity, Managed / Outsourced Services, Business Software Services and Application Development. His seed investment firm, Sasware, invests in technology and technology-driven start-ups and has a growing portfolio that includes companies in the areas of financial technology, technology, and technology. health, business technology and services..



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