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SimpleCredit joins the World Bank’s first Green


CHONGQING, China, July 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The World Bank’s Henan High Quality Green Agriculture Development Promotion Project Kick-off Meeting was held at the Henan International Agricultural Investment Center July 8. Dr Wang Chuanguo, CEO of SimpleCredit (www.xyd.cn), attended the project signing ceremony and signed a cooperation agreement with the project implementation agency Henan Agricultural Development Fund Investment Co., Ltd. and China Construction Bank, China CITIC Bank, and Zhongyuan Bank. SimpleCredit, as the designated partner institution of the World Bank, is the only non-bank institution providing financial services for this project. SimpleCredit will work with other financial institutions to promote green and low-carbon development of the agriculture industry, and help achieve peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. The World Bank’s director for the East Asia and Pacific region Agriculture and Food Global Practice Bureau, officials from the Ministry of Finance of Henan Province, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other financial institutions , research and industry attended the meeting.

It is the World Bank’s first green agriculture fund in China, and also the first innovative foreign loan project managed as a fund in Henan Province. The project is an important measure to implement the rural revitalization strategy of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and to put into practice the concept of green development, which is of great importance. The fund mainly invests in high quality green agricultural industries and related fields in Henan Province. It adopts the “direct investment + creation of compartments + joint investment” operating mode. It is expected to reduce diffuse agricultural pollution, support the green development of the agricultural industry and have a major impact on improving the climate in China and even globally.

Stimulate the development of green agriculture using technological strength

SimpleCredit joins the cooperation to follow the strategic objectives of the World Bank Green Agriculture Fund project, to reduce carbon emissions of agricultural enterprises by promoting innovative technological means and ultimately achieve long-term development of green agriculture. SimpleCredit has been deeply involved in agricultural development and actively integrated into the agricultural asset industry chain. Relying on major agricultural material production companies such as animal feed and agricultural machinery, it provides services to customer groups including suppliers, producers, sales channels, retail stores, farmers, etc. As a result, SimpleCredit is preparing to fully play its experience and advantages in Internet financial services, especially in the aspect of promoting agriculture with science and technology, in order to facilitate the use of Internet technology in the production and help producers reduce carbon emissions in all aspects, such as production, sourcing and sales.

Based on practices over nearly three years, SimpleCredit has developed a distinctive financing business model for the agricultural supply chain. In this model, farmers, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers are placed in a closed-loop customer relationship. Using industrial credit data, SimpleCredit laid the foundations of financial services and transaction scenarios to solve the industry payment problem based on the financing needs of terminal farmers. In this way, upstream production companies can build an efficient cash flow, which further becomes a basis for production upgrades.

In the World Bank’s Green Agriculture Fund project, SimpleCredit will work with the Henan Agricultural Development Fund to help leading companies accelerate the application of new technologies to reduce carbon emissions, including platforms. forms of building management such as: product order management platform, financial channel management platform, and the core business. Once these platforms are completed, the front, middle and back end can be managed systematically online and personalize product sales for end consumers and the core business sales team will become available. Orders can be placed remotely with one click via the mobile app, the H5 page and the WEB. Increasing the efficiency of core businesses in terms of human resources and logistics will ultimately reduce the carbon emissions generated by transport caused by marketing. At the same time, the use of data makes the operation able to link to financial channels and perform paperless operations. Upstream and downstream core business customers can now manage funding from multiple channels on a single platform and select services based on the support services provided by the Henan Agricultural Development Fund.

Dr Wang Chuanguo, CEO of SimpleCredit, pointed out that SimpleCredit is extremely honored to be part of the Green Agriculture Fund project. Financial support for green and low-carbon development is our inescapable responsibility. The company will spare no effort to assert its own advantages and actively explore new models, new avenues and new mechanisms, in order to provide financial support to achieve the national target of peak carbon and carbon neutrality with all project partners, and jointly implement the green development concept and the rural revitalization strategy.

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