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Tesla security system catches man on car vandalizing video



Woman says someone deliberately vandalized her Tesla and her car’s security system caught it on video.

The video shows what someone looks like deliberately damaging a woman’s Tesla as she sat in a parking lot in Altamonte Springs. The car’s camera system captured the crime.

“I was in shock,” said the owner of the car, who declined to be named. “When I saw this man’s face the way he did it on purpose, it was hurtful.”

The owner says she is happy that the technology inside the car captured everything and hopes it will help the police find the person who did it. Altamonte Springs Police have confirmed the incident is under investigation.

“He has to pay for what he did,” said the owner. “I want him and the others to see that we’re going to catch you. There’s always a camera watching.”

Since that happened, the owner says she has heard from other Tesla owners who have also reported that their cars have been vandalized.

Omar Velazquez is the owner of Skyland Rent-a-Car, a luxury car rental service. He says he is not getting Tesla on purpose because of rumors the cars are being targeted.

“For me, to avoid damaging the cars, or causing damage to my car, that’s why I didn’t buy a Tesla,” Velazquez said.



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