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The APRO Code of Ethics: Did you know?


The APRO Code of Ethics was created alongside the association in 1980, drafted by the first APRO members to establish a set of guidelines consistent with what they believed should be anchored in values, industry priorities and ethical standards.

Today, this 14-point code of ethics remains the guideline on which APRO members agree to maintain a healthy business environment for the option-to-purchase rental industry. As our code of ethics continues to be not only relevant but essential to our association and our members four decades later, we offer this series of newsletter articles to recap and reconfirm each of these ethical standards with you.


Members shall provide opportunities for the exchange of experiences, opinions and knowledge through meetings, discussions and publications, for the betterment of the industry and for the benefit of customers, suppliers and the community. community.

The sixth article of the APRO Code of Ethics emphasizes the importance of open and educational information sharing between and about the rental industry with option to buy – with each other as peers, with suppliers as colleagues, and with our customers and communities as caring people. business leaders.

RTO has always been well known for its family atmosphere and healthy competitive nature. Renters naturally compete with each other for business, but are known for their openness and availability to their peers and colleagues. Not only is this attitude very favorable to individual owners, operators and suppliers, but it also strengthens the industry as a whole, as APRO members share best practices, solutions to common problems and their skills and areas of expertise. specific expertise.

APRO and state associations promote this code by providing members with numerous opportunities to participate as participants or presenters in information-sharing events and activities – such as RTO World, the APRO Legislative Conference , webinars and meetings – as well as in industry publications, such as the APRO today newsletter and biannual issues of RTOHQ: The Magazine.

Whether APRO members share information and education on hire-purchase, one-on-one or through an organization like APRO, when that happens, it’s always beneficial: educating each other others make us all better; educating the public helps win new customers; and the education of community leaders is gaining industry support.

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