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Travel news: How to travel inexpensively and benefit from an Airbnb discount | Travel News | To travel



The couple explained how a number of accommodation providers are offering discounts for month-long stays, which can be perfect for travelers on a longer-term nomadic trip.

However, Airbnb also offers a weekly discount, which could mean the difference between a five-day and a seven-day vacation for vacationers.

The couple said, “With stuff like booking accommodation, I think, especially things like Airbnb, they often offer a monthly discount.

“So if you want to go for a month, they’ll ask you to pay the same and you’ll pay for two weeks. That’s a huge discount.

“You basically get a month’s vacation for two weeks if you can stretch that long.

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Alex said: “I always tell people if you can hire a car or some form of your own transportation because then you can create your own vacation freedom.

“You can be in another country and not have to depend on buses and the like.”

They added for nature lovers that a rental car is a particularly wise investment on vacation.

Emma said: “Especially if you like nature, wildlife, something like that. If you rent your own car you can choose, create your own day trips.

“It’s an initial investment that really cuts down on what we spend.

“Instead of going on tours, you can rent a car and drive to these places on your own and it’ll cost you half.

“And, you don’t waste time going places you don’t care about on your way to somewhere you are.”

Luckily for the couple, they don’t have to work to hire a car as they’ve created their own ideal motorhome for £ 7,000.

The couple transformed a VW T4 into a small motorhome and made the leap into van life.

Alex said: “We used to say to each other. Imagine if we had a bed in the back of our car. We just need a place to sleep and all that is more is a bonus.”

The couple have a double mattress in the van, but have avoided many modern comforts.

Alex added: “We decided not to go for a built-in sink or something because he found out that with other trips we tend to wash outside anyway. skipped all the plumbing. “



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