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Welcome 2021: Stay Safe on the Streets and Paths of Davis


The City of Davis Bike and Walk program welcomes all incoming and outgoing UC Davis students, staff and faculty. You’ve probably heard that Davis is a great place to cycle and walk. The City of Davis and UC Davis are both recognized by the League of American Cyclists as a community and university friendly to Platinum-level cyclists, respectively. We are proud to host a world class university and to be the cycling capital of the United States.

Some of you are living in Davis for the first time and others are coming back to town after a long absence. Before you join the many bikers, skateboarders, walkers and drivers of Davis, below are some important tips and safety reminders to make your time in Davis a rewarding one.

In order to be a successful rider in Davis, the most important skill you need is to control your bike. If it’s been a while since you’ve ridden a bike, you’re not alone. Many people come to Davis knowing how to pedal, but not necessarily with the ease of maneuvering their bikes. Make sure you can stop and start your bike without falling. Practice!

Now you might not know everything about the bike. Don’t worry, the City and UC Davis are here to help with free online cycling education courses. UC Davis students can register for a free online cycling course – Cycling Savvy Basics – on Canvas. Residents of the City of Davis can register for the Ride With Confidence course at cityofdavis.org/bikes.

Want to learn your way around our community? Get a bike map, where you can explore over 60 miles of trails and 120 miles of bike paths on Davis Street! Bike cards are available at campus transportation services, at City Hall, and at bicycle stores.

Make sure you lock your bike with a quality lock and deter bike thieves by registering your bike with Bike Index. Join the Davis Police Department or UC Davis organizations at Bike Index bikeindex.org. Also use the BikeLink bike racks at Davis Station for safe and secure storage. Learn more at Cityofdavis.org/bikes.

People who walk, board, cycle, wheel, and drive around Davis should always make their intentions clear to anyone who shares the road or path. Cyclists should also use hand signals and check behind them before turning or changing lanes. Motor vehicle operators should make eye contact with other road users and recognize them with courtesy.

Proceed with caution: the law requires you to leave at least one meter between their vehicle and cyclists. Pedestrians should communicate their intention by eye contact before exiting traffic.

Whether you are a pedestrian, motor vehicle driver, or person on a bicycle, make yourself visible at night by using lights and reflectors. Just like motor vehicles, bicycles should have a white front light and we strongly recommend a red tail light in addition to a reflector. Make sure your bicycle lights are properly installed. If the lights on your bike are dim, change the batteries. Daylight saving time ends on Sunday, November 7 this year, and shorter daylight is just around the corner. Pedestrians, pets, and especially skateboarders should have a clip-on lamp – or at the very least reflective tags or clothing – when walking around Davis after dark. Motor vehicle operators, make sure your windows are clean and your mirrors are in the correct position before you leave the house.

Construction is taking place on campus and in the city. Please follow signs for where to be on the road and use safe speeds. Use extra caution and watch out for other road users.

If you see a hazard or problem on the road, notify the City of Davis with your concern. There are three ways to report:

• Use the Go Request phone application. Go Request is available in the Apple and Android app stores.

• Send an email to [email protected]

• Call Public Works at 530-757-5686

We’re excited to have you join our community and get around Davis on foot, by bike and by public transit. If you would like to learn more about getting around Davis without a car, the getarounddavis.org website is a great resource! If you have any questions about biking and walking in Davis, please email me at [email protected]

– Jennifer Donofrio is the City of Davis Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator.


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