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Young Dolph’s Girlfriend Promotes ‘Black Men Deserve To Age’ Campaign After His Murder


In the wake of the shocking murder of popular Memphis rapper young dolphin, his girlfriend and the mother of his two children defends his campaign, “Black men deserve to age”.

Mia Jaye had previously promoted its outreach and fundraising initiative for families who have lost male relatives to violent crime. The CEO of Momeo (pronounced Mom-EO) launched the “Black men deserve to age” campaign on August 22. Commercial call reports.

The date would have been the 35th birthday of his late brother Jeremy. But now Jaye’s campaign takes on a whole new meaning after her partner was shot and killed in Memphis on Wednesday at the age of 36.

While promoting her new campaign in August, Jaye’s video explained how her brother was murdered for “a $ 3,000 car deal by a disgruntled customer.” The campaign was created to help support her brother’s family and two other families “who have suffered losses from violent ‘intraracial crimes’.

The video showed how black men are 20 times more likely to die from “intraracial” crime than white men. However, now the mother of two is mourning the loss of her brother and the father of her two children.

“So when I stand up for all black men who are 20 times more likely than their male counterparts to die prematurely due to violent crimes that occur within OUR community,” Jaye said in another video post. “I plead so that these men live their goal and positively impact the black community. I’m doing this for the men in my family and yours, so please help spread the word.

Jaye’s business continues to promote stories of black men who lost their lives to violence, but she paused amid the loss of her own romantic partner.

“Due to the tragic loss of Adolph Thornton, Jr. also known as Young Dolph. The team will take over social media and store operations to give our CEO Mia time to mourn… Jaye’s company said in an Instagram statement. “Mia is asking for space and prayers during this difficult time.”

Memphis Police released photos of the two male suspects involved in Dolph’s murder on Thursday, ABC News reports. Dolph was supporting a local black-owned cookie company when he was fatally shot.

He has been praised in the community for his charitable efforts and his support in uplifting the community. He is survived by his 7 year old son Tre Tre Thornton and his 4 year old daughter Aria Ella Thornton.