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Ford opens Detroit Smart Parking Lab to research parking solutions



What do a car manufacturer, supplier and real estate company have in common? If they are Ford, Bosch and Bedrock respectively, the answer is the DSPL (Detroit Smart Parking Lab). All three companies announced its creation as an “open innovation platform” for anyone trying to make parking more manageable and less stressful.

For Bedrock, reducing the time people spend parking cars will help reduce emissions from its real estate operations. The best parking solutions can also become something that its properties offer that its competitors do not, which makes perfect sense in a world where finding a parking spot can often be a huge headache.

As for Ford and Bosch, they have already worked together on another project to make parking easier. Bosch offers an automated valet parking solution that allows Ford Escape vehicles equipped with it to “drive and park themselves in the Bedrock assembly garage”. Yes, Bedrock was involved in this as well.

With the DSPL, people can offer to work with these three companies in any projects they may have, apply for grants there, or even use it independently for their projects. The American Center for Mobility will be in charge of day-to-day operations. The Michigan Mobility Funding Platform offers information on currently available innovation grants.

One of the objectives of the DSPL is to accelerate the QTA (Quick Turnaround). Enterprise Rent-A-Car will check out how new technology can help this process, which includes returning, servicing (cleaning and refueling or recharging) and returning rental cars to service.

Automated valet parking and VE charging technologies could help speed up the process, although the charging process itself can take years depending on several factors involved. Maybe Nio should get involved with its battery swap technology to help car rental companies get the most out of their EV investment. So far, he does not appear to be involved in DSPL.



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