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ACE Rent-A-Car Agrees to Refund After Family Has Rental Stolen



DENVER – Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but a family’s trip from Florida to Colorado was anything but that after their rental car was stolen. This was only the beginning of their problems.

Amanda Hebbeler still has the keys to her rental car from her Colorado vacation last May, a memory that brings back painful memories of what started as a perfect weekend.

“We went to the Garden of the Gods. Perfect weather, perfect experience,” Hebbeler said.

However, things quickly deteriorated when she and her boyfriend discovered the next morning that the car they had rented from Ace Rent-A-Car had been stolen.

They later saw on the news that their rental car had been involved in a police shootout.

“It was a bit of a shock,” Hebbeler said. “So we immediately contacted ACE, tried calling them on the phone to try to figure out what we needed to do. We were told that a manager was going to contact us immediately. That has never happened. And to this day, we still don’t have a resolution. I probably sent them 15 emails, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, contacted their general help line, contacted this specific location in Denver and really still no resolution. “

Hebbeler said she had hoped ACE would help them with a new rental car, but instead they had to take Lyfts and get a same-day rental from another company, which was much more expensive.

“When you call and say something as bad as someone being murdered in your vehicle and there’s never a response, I think that says a lot about how they position themselves. and in their customer service, ”Hebbeler said.

Hebbeler said she had not received any response from ACE Rent-A-Car until last week, when a letter of demand arrived in the mail for $ 15,000 in damages, that she thought his insurance company would deal with the claim.

“I’m just a little scared to give them money,” Hebbeler said.

An ACE representative later said they would accept $ 1,000 for the franchise, according to Hebbeler.

“I don’t understand why it started at $ 15,000, then moved on to an administration fee and then a franchise and then a franchise,” Hebbeler said. “It just seems like they’re trying to get us money, but don’t really answer the questions about why we should be paying them instead of our insurance company.”

ACE Rent-A-Car is no stranger to customer service complaints, with an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Hebbeler said that after filing a complaint with the BBB, ACE agreed to issue a $ 60 Amazon gift card for a day’s rental, but she thinks she deserves a full refund for how she got it. been processed.

“It’s $ 150, which is a small amount for this big company, but I got hung up, I think, probably 12 times. I would be put on hold, the line would drop. They would say they were going to me. help. They would hang up on me, ”Hebbeler said.“ I just feel like even though it’s a small amount of money, it just wasn’t fair how we were treated and how we were treated. let’s continue to be treated. “

Contact Denver7 went to the office near the Denver International Airport to get answers. The employees there referred us to the company, saying they were working on a response.

Hebbeler said he received a call Tuesday afternoon from an ACE representative agreeing to give a full refund and clarify payment of deductible expenses.

“Within a day of you reaching out to them, we already have a lot more urgency than we’ve seen in the past few months,” Hebbeler said. “So I don’t think we would be here without your help guys. We really appreciate you getting involved and trying to make things right for us.”

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