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Build to Rent – Notts program update, single family …


The approved plans also include multimedia lounges and coworking spaces, as well as play areas and quiet areas for study and relaxation.

The new accommodation – which is part of the developer’s plans for intergenerational living on The Island Quarter, the 36-acre £ 1billion redevelopment – is expected to start on site shortly and be available to students from the start. of the 2023/24 academic year.

With Nottingham facing a projected shortfall of 7,000 student beds in the coming years, Specially Built Student Housing (PBSA) on The Island Quarter aims to free up family homes currently in use by students and help them find their way back. their intended use.

Christopher Ware, Director of Real Estate at Conygar, said: “We are delighted that the planning committee has approved the plans for the student housing offered on The Island Quarter.

“Nottingham is a world famous university city, and the student population is growing rapidly to reflect this. Add to this the demand from second and third year students to stay in PBSA, and it is clear that there is a real need for quality student beds in the city.

He adds, “This element of the program really supports our intergenerational life plans across the site. One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic has been for people of all ages to reassess their relationship with where they live, and we want to create places and spaces where people can live, work and thrive. “

The Island Quarter master plan, which received general planning approval in April 2019, was designed with a full lifecycle of uses, including hotels and hospitality, offices and community living.

Recent changes to the plan have been made in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, adding 10,000 square meters of additional green space to the site and redesigning the street plan to create an ‘urban river’.

Work on the extensive redevelopment is advancing at a steady pace, with the first phase of the Canal Turn – at the opposite end of the site – slated to open to the public early next summer.

To help accelerate development progress, The Island Quarter has been included in the City Council’s Upgrade Offer, which is designed to support ‘off the shelf’ infrastructure projects that will boost local economies.

Single family homes for rent in Eddington

Hundreds of eco-friendly smart homes designed for rental are due to be delivered as part of Cambridge University’s development in Eddington.

Present Made, a specially designed and engineered single-family rental housing platform, has been appointed by the University of Cambridge to develop sustainable smart homes as part of its ambitious 150-hectare Eddington master plan.

Under plans submitted to Cambridge City Council, Present Made will develop and operate nearly 370 rental accommodation – including the UK’s first family homes designed and built exclusively for rental – as part of a new neighborhood that will promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The £ 160million program and the broader Present Made concept were curated by award-winning architects Jo Cowen and focus on the following four pillars:

  1. Public domain enabled – from habitable streets to a raised garden, residents will benefit from a range of outdoor spaces that facilitate connection to nature and to each other, wellness, walking, cycling and exercise as part of a design that prioritizes people over cars

  2. Community Creation – a range of internal and external amenity spaces combined with a calendar of communal events throughout the year will encourage residents to meet and get to know their neighbors

  3. Professional Management – Present Made will retain ownership and control of the completed development, with residents benefiting from a readily available on-site management team, dealing promptly with any maintenance issues and organizing regular social activities.

  4. Talent retention – by offering a new kind of high quality rental accommodation that has never been seen before in the UK, Present Made at Eddington will help Cambridge capture and retain talent by providing an attractive alternative to home ownership to the property, both flexible and secure.

Residents will further benefit from Present Made’s focus on sustainability, with the company targeting a zero-carbon operating model as part of a broader ESG-focused strategy.

Eddington homes will be highly energy efficient through a combination of smart technologies and modern construction methods, with the homes being precisely designed in a factory environment in a less expensive, disruptive and time-consuming process compared to traditional building techniques. .

Eddington is the first site of Present Made’s initial £ 1.6 billion development pipeline, which will see the delivery of more than 3,000 precision-engineered smart rental homes in the south of England.

The company has three other locations in the Oxford-Cambridge arc besides Eddington, with more announcements expected later this year. The area is one of the most innovative and productive in the UK, but it also has some of the highest housing costs.

Richard Jackson, co-founder of Apache Capital and CEO of Present Made, comments: “It is a privilege to work alongside the University of Cambridge to deliver the UK’s first family homes to be specifically designed and built for the location.

“This would not have been possible without the strategic concept, design and development of Jo Cowen Architects, which was at the heart of the University of Cambridge’s decision to select Present Made.

He adds, “Present Made homes will be located in planned, landscape-oriented communities that have been designed around people, not cars, to promote active, healthy and sustainable lifestyles. “

Jackson says Present Made “will own, develop and operate beautiful, sustainable homes for the long term.”

“Our goal is to create a new way of life, providing ambitious but achievable housing in vibrant streets and active communities that are integrated into their surroundings. Our vision is to encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyles, making them second nature to our residents, ”he adds.

“Present Made will help the University and the City to attract and retain talent as part of a diverse intergenerational community with multiple tenures to complement the exceptional venue creation and quality of mixed-use development already provided by the University. “

Allows pets the most popular BTR feature

Pet-friendly rentals are now the most common feature of today’s Build to Rent (BTR) developments, research shows.

Build to Rent is fast becoming the de facto choice of young professional renters who want the flexibility of renting combined with the added freedom and luxury normally associated with home ownership.

Manor Interiors, which specializes in BTR furnishing solutions, analyzed the most common features found in developments currently listed on the market to better understand why tenants are increasingly drawn to such developments.

He found that the most common feature shared among the Build to Rent developments currently advertised for tenants is pet-friendly homes – something the traditional private rental sector has still failed to deliver on a large scale.

Around 47% of actively listed BTR developments say they accept pets, a direct response to the growing frustration felt by tenants as private landlords fail to adjust to the UK’s growing desire to live with it. furry friends.

After ‘pets’, the second most common feature for rent is parking, a feature common to 40% of currently advertised developments.

Some 33% of Build to Rent developments have an on-site concierge, possibly due to growing demand from tenants who want to ensure their online purchases can be received safely and reliably.

Meanwhile, 27% of developments offer free Wi-Fi to all tenants, 26% offer a resident lounge or other shared common socializing space, 20% offer an on-site gym, 12% offer a kind of common garden space, 11% allow tenants to move in without a deposit and 7% offer a roof terrace.

Farhan Malik, CEO of Manor Interiors, comments: “Build to Rent is growing in popularity so quickly because it offers a truly modern rental experience. After decades, if not centuries of an unchanged private rental industry, tenants are starting to back down from the low standards and inflexibility common to private landlords.

“It is clear that the rental construction industry has listened to these tenant frustrations and responded by ensuring that their developments meet changing expectations and needs. “

He concludes: “We see this in the fact that almost half of construction developments for rent accept pets, an increasingly common demand from tenants that private landlords have long refused to engage with. “


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