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Kanye West owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to a high-end fashion rental company


Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images (Getty Images)

Can you imagine Kanye West dodging bill collectors with an estimated net worth of over $2 billion? Yeah, I can’t either, but apparently that’s precisely what’s happening these days, as David Casavant Archive, a high-end fashion rental service, is suing the rapper for not returning the items. and paid the associated fees.

According to Insider, Ye owes a few hundred thousand dollars for several “rare and valued pieces” that have yet to make it back to the company. The David Casavant Archive prides itself on being a New York treasure trove of “the rarest and most coveted garments in the world.” The website also mentions that what makes this museum-like conservation of clothing different from other collections is that it actually lends its pieces to celebrities and other highly regarded (and wealthy) patrons.

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Yeezy has apparently been a client for years alongside other industry professionals such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney. So far, business seemed to be business as usual, but according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, the 45-year-old designer and entrepreneur stopped paying rental fees on items he owned from October 2020.

“When defendant Ye occasionally lost items he had rented from the archives, defendant Yeezy was charged replacement costs,” Billboard reported via company attorneys. “All parties understood (as expressed orally and in writing and reflected in many years of prior dealings) that because clothing is not a readily replaceable commodity.”

Per resort, Ye owes a total of $221,810 in unpaid fees and $195,100 for clothes that will likely need to be replaced.

Although we hate to see it, this isn’t the only lawsuit with Ye (legal name) on it. House music artist Marshall Jefferson is also suing West for illegally sampling their 1986 track, “Move Your Body,” which features on a recent single, “Flowers” on the “Donda 2” album.