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New Arkansas Law Sets Out Rental Property Requirements



HARRISON, Ark. (KY3) – The Arkansas legislature recently passed Law 1052, which affects the rights and duties of landlords and tenants.

Most notable are the habitability standards that will be required of all leases as of November 1. These standards establish basic requirements in all rental properties that tenants must ensure that they are supplied. Law 1052 is the first statewide rental requirement to be set in the state. Arkansas is historically a pro-landlord state, which means it has few written laws establishing requirements for rental properties. The new requirements are as follows.

  • an available source of hot and cold running water;
  • an available source of electricity;
  • a source of drinking water;
  • a sanitary sewer system and plumbing in accordance with the applicable building and housing codes in effect at the time of installation;
  • a functional roof and building envelope;
  • a functional heating and air conditioning system to the extent that the heating and air conditioning system was serving the premises at the time the landlord and tenant entered into the lease or rental agreement.

An owner is deemed to be compliant in the following circumstances:

  • if, at the time of taking possession, the landlord provides the tenant with a written form listing the defects and the tenant signs the form without finding any defect and takes possession or does not return the form within 2 working days; Where
  • for defects that arise later, if the tenant gives a written notice but the non-compliance could not be corrected either because the tenant refused the landlord access for correction Where was caused by a willful or negligent act or omission of the tenant, a member of the tenant’s family, another occupant or visitor to the premises, or any person other than the owner or his agent.

On Monday, the town of Harrison opened a new subdivision, the first in town in several years.

“Harrison has continued to grow in business and industry, but we have long needed to expand our homes,” said Bob Largent, president of the Harrison Chamber of Commerce. “It now gives our employees and our managers a place to live. “

“I hope to see hundreds of single family homes here,” said Lew Thompson, who oversees the project. “There will be quads in the back, three-bedroom duplexes and their 2,000 square feet,” Largent said.

These will need to follow the new statewide guidelines for rental properties once the rental agreements are signed.

“I think anything on the list should be something of common sense for any homeowner,” said Connie Gray, who has owned an Arkansas for several decades. “It’s a two-way street, you have to be able to meet the needs of your tenants and then they pay rent so you can continue to maintain the properties. “

“Well, sure, we’re adapted and used to it, and we need it, and grateful that we have it,” said Grays tenant Julie Noell.

If a problem arises, owners have 30 days to resolve it after it has been brought to their attention. Otherwise, the law states that tenants can terminate rental agreements without a fine and have their security deposit refunded.

“If you keep your property where you would live it yourself, then you won’t have any problems,” Gray said. “And if you don’t keep it that way, then you’re in trouble.”

Many owners are already used to similar guidelines.

“There are a lot of housing aids out there for tenants, if they need them, and these agencies have guidelines,” Gray said. “I’m sure there are slum owners out there that the rent, the dollar sign, is the only thing they’re looking at. Hopefully this will help eliminate some of those people down the road. “

Law 1052 will come into effect on November 1 and will be required by law in all rental contracts.

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